Silja Cup Nº1, STEM

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Our smallest Silja Cup. Often used by young women with light periods who have not yet had children.

Silja Cup size 1


Menstrual cup made of medical grade silicone.


Delivery contains:

  • 1 Silja Cup size 1 with STEM
  • 1 cotton bag for storage (certified organic cotton)
  • 1 Instructions for use in spanish, english, french and german.

Silja Cup is an environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and bandages. The soft silicone cup is inserted into the vagina to collect the menstrual fluid. Silja Cup can be cleaned again and again and can therefore be used for years.

The application is very simple. Fold Silja Cup, insert, empty as needed, rinse and reuse.

Silja Cup is made of medical grade silicone and contains no plasticizers or other harmful ingredients. Silja Cup provides safe protection at day and night for up to 12 hours.


This Silja Cup has a useful STEM handle

For the selection of the handle you should decide according to your personal preferences.

Women who are a worried to feel the grip should choose the BALL handle or even without a handle. We only recommend Silja Cup without handle for really experienced users.

If you have no previous experience or are worried that Silja Cup might be hard to remove, we recommend choosing the RING handle or the STEM handle.


Additional product information

23 ml The volume specified here is the maximum that fits in this model. The actual volume may vary from woman to woman. The menstrual cup usually is positioned with a slight angle within the vagina. In addition, in many women, the cervix points with its tip in the menstrual cup. This reduces the volume.
38 mm on the widest spot
45 mm without handle
This size is commonly used:
* by young girls, also by virgins * by women who only use the smallest size tampons * by women who use small and regular tampons and do not have heavy periods * by women who have not yet had children * by women who have had one child, but never require large tampons
This size is rarely used:
* by women who have had several children * by women who often require large tampons * by women with weakened pelvic floor muscles
This size may be unsuitable:
* if small and regular tampons do not work well for you * if you only use large tampons * if you are over 40 and have had several children