Embrace the new-found feeling of freedom!

Many women find the Silja Cup to be hygienic, clean and comfortable.  You no longer have to worry about buying and carrying sanitary products. The Silja Cup flexibly adapts to your lifestyle.


The Silja Cup on holiday

The Silja Cup can be worn for many hours at a time, making it ideal for holidays. There is no need to worry even during long flights or extended camping trips since all you need is a small bottle of water to rinse out the cup.


The Silja Cup in sports

The Silja Cup can be used when playing any type of sport and is often a relief for sporty and active women.


The Silja Cup under water

Even swimming, bathing, diving and visiting saunas is no problem with the Silja Cup. Because it cannot be seen at all from the outside, the cup offers an ideal alternative to tampons since there is no string or similar visible.


Beautiful hands - long fingernails

For fashion-conscious ladies, long fingernails pose no obstacle when using the Silja Cup,  but please make sure that you clean thoroughly under your nails before inserting or emptying the Silja Cup. When you first start using the cup, please also be particularly careful to make sure that you do not scratch yourself with your nails.