100% ECO

100% ECO



We think a little bit furhter...

We promise you that we consistently and intensively strive for the sustainability of our products.


Silja Cup

The Silja Cup is itself a big plus for our environment. This sustainable product helps to avoid huge amounts of chemicals and waste in the long run. Reuse, rather than always buying new things - so you can make an important contribution to protect our planet.


Storage bags made of organic cotton

Every Silja Cup has a storage bag. The supplied bag is made of organic cotton, certified according to the GOTS standard and awarded the Fairtrade seal..

Find out more about the current guidelines for the GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD GOTS: www.global-standard.org

Here you will get an insight into the requirements for the Fairtrade seal:  www.fairtrade.de


Silja Cup packaging

For the box of the Silja Cup, unfortunately, we had to resort to conventional suppliers for our very first packaging, who do not print recycled paper. However, the printing company informed us that the cardboard used is FSC® certified. This means that the management of forests for these renewable raw materials is largely based on environmentally friendly, social and economic considerations.

For the next cartons, however, we have already found a printing company that can realize our desire for resource-saving material. We are looking forward to the future packaging and to make Silja Cup even better!


Instructions for use made of recycled paper

The enclosed instructions for use have been ordered from a printer specialized in environmental paper. The paper has been awarded the "Blue Angel" environmental seal. The printing house also uses special printing inks. These are vegan and consist to a large extent of ingredients based on renewable raw materials. This helps to make a contribution in the long term to contain mineral oil-containing ingredients and eventually replace them altogether. For the energy-intensive printing process only eco-electricity is used.


The label on the packaging

The labels we use to mark on the packaging were also printed on "Blue Angel" recycled paper. Again, printing inks based on predominantly vegetable raw materials are used.