How to use the Silja Cup

Silja Cup is folded, inserted, take out to empty it and re-inserted right away.


Folding the Silja Cup

You can fold the Silja Cup in a number of ways – choose the way that works best for you. The most common ways to fold the Silja Cup are as follows:


A. Like a crescent

Press the Silja Cup together so it is flat and fold it once lengthwise.

B. Like a shell

With your index finger, press downwards and inwards at one point of the upper edge so that a point is formed at the front.

C. Like a snake

Press the Silja Cup together so it is flat. Fold the cup twice lengthwise in a zig-zag shape.

Try out the different methods, or develop your own technique. You will quickly find the way to insert and position the Silja Cup that is easiest for you.


Inserting the Silja Cup


Wash your hands thoroughly. Take the cleaned Silja Cup and wet it with a little water or lubricant. Fold the Silja Cup according to the instructions. With time, you will find the method that works best for you.

Get into a comfortable position. Many women find it best to stand or squat. It may also help to have one leg raised to start with, for example by resting it on the edge of the bath.

Now insert the cup, with the opening pointing upwards, into the vagina as far as you can. Push the Silja Cup further using your finger – first upwards and then diagonally backwards. To start with, it may feel like the front part of your vagina is too narrow. That is the pelvic floor muscles, which are very tight in the front of the vagina. Gently breathe out and relax the muscles.
If you have placed the
Silja Cup in the middle third of your vagina then it is positioned correctly. There are hardly any sensitive nerves here and you won't feel the cup when you move. The Silja Cup is now held in place by your pelvic floor muscles.


Emptying the Silja Cup


You will need to empty the Silja Cup every three to eight hours, depending on how heavy your menstrual flow is and the size of your Silja Cup. To start with, you can follow the same timings as when you used to use tampons or sanitary towels. Please also make sure that you always wash your hands thoroughly before emptying the cup. Assume a squat position, preferably over the toilet.

Some women have the Silja Cup very low and are able to reach it easily with their finger. For many women, the cup will sit further in. The cup can also move further in after it has been inserted. If you are not able to reach the grip on the Silja Cup straight away then please do not worry. Push with your pelvic floor muscles a little so that the cup moves further down. While pushing with your muscles, reach for the grip using your finger. When you reach the grip, please do not pull on it. The menstrual cup must be released carefully. You must have hold of the entire base when removing the cup. Please feel for the base of the Silja Cup, grasp it and gently press on the cup using your fingers. Now gently move your fingers slowly upwards until you have carefully moved the whole cup through the narrow part at the vaginal introitus. Empty the contents and clean the Silja Cup before reinserting it. Once you have a bit of experience, this process will not take long at all.


First steps

At first you will need to have a little patience. It's the same for most women. You are learning something new. If you have limited time, this will make it harder. Take all the time you need to get familiar with the Silja Cup. The better you both know each other, the easier and quicker the cup will be to use in the long run.


  • Silja Cup cannot be inserted:
    Try out different folding techniques. If you have difficulty using the cup at first, try it in a different position. Lying, sitting, standing, squatting, one leg raised: Any position is fine and experimenting with this can make it easier for you at the start.
  • You've inserted the Silja Cup but now it won't come out?
    If you are unable to remove the cup straight away, this can naturally be worrying. We assure you that you will be able to take it out. Every woman has managed it thus far. Relax and experiment in different positions with your pelvic floor muscles. We often do not consciously feel the muscles in this area, which is why they can be so difficult to use. Push with your muscles like you would during a bowel movement so that the cup moves downwards. You will quickly become more familiar with this area and find it easier to work your muscles as you continue to use the
    Silja Cup. If you are really worried, try taking a relaxing bath and removing the cup while in the water.
  • You can insert and remove the Silja Cup fine, but it isn't catching everything?
    This can happen at first. Use sanitary towels (alternatively, cloth sanitary towels) as a back-up. After two or three cycles, the cup should work more reliably. Your muscles adapt to the cup. If it does not improve, please try a different insertion angle and wear it in a different position.